Geoff Collins

Geoff Collins

I have had a natural interest in drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. One of my favourite subjects at school was technical drawing which, oddly I suppose, I found even more stimulating than art lessons. Art, though, was never a practical choice during my working career, which has alternated between engineering and aviation, both of which are also great interests of mine. Now, with time available, I am enjoying a long delayed devotion to the artwork.

Subjects that hold the greatest interest for me are aviation, portrait and fantasy. Aviation, of course, because it is in my blood, and having made a career as a pilot I know the landscape and the emotions it provokes. Portrait for its challenge and because I simply enjoy the process of capturing facial expression, while fantasy offers the chance to experiment with ideas and to work with complete freedom of expression; the best way to do anything!

I hope you enjoy what you see in the gallery as much as I have enjoyed the painting. For details on paintings, including prices, click on the gallery image then click on Show Details at bottom right of the larger image. Please email to discuss or reserve a painting, and remember that colours on screen may vary from actual colours.

The canvas may embody the picture, but I am its soul - copyright © Geoff Collins 2015 all rights reserved